Courses at UChicago

Social Inequalities in Health: Race/Ethnicity and Class in the US Context

This course examines how social stratification and social inequality shape racial/ethnic and socioeconomic inequalities in health. In particular, students explore the production of race and class inequality in the US and draw on the extant theoretical and empirical literature to understand how these social factors influence health behaviors and health outcomes. We also review both the classic and emerging methodological approaches used by public health and social scientists to measure and test how these features of society get “under the skin” to shape a variety of health outcomes. Finally we consider policy and practice approaches to ameliorate longstanding health inequities. A syllabus is available here.

Selected Guest Lectures and Invited Speaking

Unpacking the Social Determinants of Immigrant Health for COVID-19 and Beyond, Center for Chronic Disease Research and Policy


COVID-19 and Racial Inequities: Unpacking the Anti-Black Response, Racial Capitalism Project


The “Great Equalizer?” Interrogating COVID-19’s Racial Filter